The Phoenix Park  

The Phoenix Park is a large open parkland over 3.5km long and 2km wide lying just 2km to the west of Dublin city centre. It has several broad roads and walkways and consists of open areas of grasslands, playing pitches, coniferous and deciduous woodlands, and small ponds. In winter, Fieldfares and Redwings are found on the pitches, while in summer, common woodland species are found throughout the park. The more deciduous woodlands of the ‘Furry Glen’ near the Knockmaroon Gate at the west end of the park are the best for breeding Blackcaps, while the small pool at the centre of the walks usually holds breeding Little Grebes. Jays are also found in the Phoenix Park throughout the year, but are most active at dawn.  Long-eared Owls also breed in the park. 

The Phoenix Park is considered an unsafe place to visit at night.


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