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Shane Farrell, John Fox, Gerard Frank, Stewart Holohan, Noel Keogh, Paul Kelly, Padraic Lawless, Cian Merne, Stephen O Byrne

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Plenty of wondeful Autumn birds around in Dublin Bay already so get out there and try to count what you see!

Juvenile Kestrels. Eric Dempsey ( photo taken under licence)

27 July, 2009
Little Gull
this morning (low tide) , at the outflow at the end of the Clontarf Promenade, beside Alfie Byrne Rd. At Swords 12 Common Sandpipers , a Ruff and a single Mute Swan cygnet.GF

One of 20 Crossbills in Carlingford on Sunday. Paul Kelly

Sunday 26 July, 2009
At Rogerstown today there were 24 Lapwings , 300+ Bar Tailed Godwits, 250+ Oyster Catchers ,300+ Curlews , 500+ Redshanks, 1 Common Sandpiper, 20+ Dunlin .A crèche of 2 adult Shelducks with 40 juveniles 2 Stock Doves 1 Kestrel. At the Burrow Strand, Malahide Estuary, a pair of hunting Kestrels.CM 500+  Redshank on the Bull. There were also Black-ailed and Bar-tailed Godwits, Greenshank, Dunlin, and a couple of summer plumage Turnstones - very beautiful birds at this time of year!.  Also Oystercatchers and Curlew. GF 20 Crossbills in Carlingford

Black-tailed Godwit on the algae smothered mud flats at the Bull Island. Cian Merne

24 July, 2009
At Dunmurry Hill, Co. Kildare,  2 Buzzards and 2 Spotted Flycatchers.SO'B 2 Whimbrel and a juvenile Peregrine on the  Bull Island between the causeway and the bridge. The Peregrine giving a great show as it practised its hunting skills. GF.

23 July,2009
Wood Sandpiper and Little Stint at Rogerstown. PK

22 July, 2009
44 Mediterranean Gulls
at Sandycove today, c.7 of them with rings.SH

Common Tern, city centre. Shay Connolly 

21 July, 2009
Little Stint
with Dunlin at Swords. Michael Nolan

20 July 2009

 Family of Roseates at Gormanston Beach .John Fox. If you are confused about the red and black bill
 so are we! But we are told that the red base occurs during breeding otherwise its black as in the individual below .
Roseate Tern
( front with 2 rings), Common Tern (centre), Arctic Tern (back left)  Thanks to John Fox for this very useful Tern ID photo. 

Saturday 18 July - Sunday 19, 2009
Peregrine Falcon
on the Central Bank in Dame Street this evening.LB

Little Stint
in summer plumage at Swords today . Paul Kelly

16 July, 2009
Gormanstown was the place to be today with 3 Little Gulls and a Basking Shark offshore to thrill the exceptional few!  JF PK See photos below.

Little Gulls at Gormanstown with a Black-headed Gull on the left for size comparison. John Fox

Basking Shark at Gormanstown also today!.Paul Kelly

14 July, 2009
6 Crossbills
at Heuston Station.PK

13 July, 2009
Seen this evening feasting on a Feral Pigeon on a new plucking post overlooking Temple Bar Square, 1 Peregrine Falcon . Back in Temple Bar after an absence of 4 months. We presume the individual was off breeding somewhere - Ireland's Eye ?. LB 

12 July, 2009
There was an adult type Hobby over the BWI Reserve, Kilcoole this evening. It flew south over the Little Tern colony then inland over Webbs field and was seen hunting hirundines.NK. 2 Carrion Crows were on the North Bull Island - one is a hybrid. SF At Rogerstown today there were 2 Stock Doves,  1 Spotted Redshank, 1 Buzzard, 1 Kestrel and a flock of 20 Mistle Thrushes. GF

11 July, 2009
A pair of nesting Herring Gulls on the Crampton Buildings in Temple Bar have produced 2 offspring. The chicks have successfuly fledged and took off on their first flight in the city centre today.  

10 July, 2009
Big Day in Dublin! Witness to the
Terek Sandpiper, found by Conor Foley, were over 20 birders at this very rare migrant visitor from Asia. Birders arrived  within an hour of the bird being found thanks to Eric Dempsey and BINS news service. 

Above Terek Sandpiper in flight -  the smaller bird between the 2 lower Redshanks. Eric Dempsey. For more pictures see

Swifts at Swords this evening. Eric Dempsey


5 July, 2009
One Raven, 14 Puffins on Ireland''s  Eye. LB 
Photos below from a talented new contributor to Dublinbirding, Padraic Lawless.

Puffins, Cormorant and Great Black-backed Gulls. Ireland's Eye

3 July, 2009
high over Kildare Street in the city centre this morning. LB

2 July, 2009
At Rogerstown this evening there was a Temmincks Stint a Wood Sandpiper and a Spotted Redshank all seen from the wooden hide on the rising tide.PK  Bring wellies!

Common Sandpiper. Swords. Shay Connolly

1 July, 2009
We hear that the Little Terns are doing very well in Baltray this year.

Little Grebe, Phoenix Park. Cian Merne

26 June, 2009
At Gormanston Beach this morning there were 6 first year, 1 adult and 1 second year Little Gulls. PK


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