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NOTE:  numerous photos of Waxwings have been included to illustrate (1) the striking plumage of the species, their flocking nature; the variety of Sorbus tree berries and Cotoneaster berries they favour; and (3) how they strip a tree of every last berry before moving on.   The large influx of Waxwings is due to the scarcity of berries in their native homes of Scandinavia and Russia this winter. 

30 November 2012

Dublin 8: Well over a hundred Waxwings were perched on a tree in a garden on Washington Street, Dublin 8. This was a lookout point for a tree on the next road which had a limited amount of red berries. However this was one 'gathering' that was not welcomed by the local Irish birds!  Five Thrushes and three Blackbirds guarded these berries like it was their last supper! Magpies were also patrolling the skies. The Waxwings did pluck up the courage and a number of them did a brief smash and grab and then the whole flock flew off towards Crumlin. What a wonderful start to a Friday morning.MS

Killester: 2 male Blackcaps fighting over the apples here in the garden in Killester.MH

Ballymun Road:  A Buzzard seen this morning at the old stables beside Naul park opposite the Topaz garage on the Ballymun Road.MK

Buzzard at Naul park (Photo by Michael Keating)

Birdlife in Rogerstown this morning...

Fieldfare at Rogerstown (Photo by Harry Bailey)

Redpoll at Rogerstown (Photo by Harry Bailey)                                                 Linnet at Rogerstown (Photo by Harry Bailey)            

29 November 2012

Malahide Estuary: 5 pair of Mergansers and a Great-crested Grebe seen directly across from the Rugby club.IM

Great-crested Grebe at Malahide estuary (Photo by Ita Martin)

Mergansers at Malahide estuary (Photo by Ita Martin)

Brambling in Clontarf Garden (Photo by Ger Franck)

Long-tailed Duck seen from Irishtown Nature Park. High tide, looking towards Sandymount  (Photo by Ger Franck)

28 November 2012

Drimnagh, Cooley Road at 8.15a.m.:  40 Waxwings  Flying between the top of the tall fern tree to the right of the Staff entrance into the Children's hospital, and magnificent views when they flew down to a tree next to my head at the staff car park barrier.SMcN

Clontarf garden:  A Brambling on feeders in a garden in Clontarf today best keep an eye for the Sparrowhawk (photo below) which has become a regular visitor.GF

Sparrowhawk in Clontarf garden (Photo by Ger Franck)

27 November 2012

Brambling taken at Rogerstown 1 seen with a flock of Chaffinch and Greenfinch (Photo by Harry Bailey)

26 November 2012

At Broadmeadows Swords: 50 Goldeneye, 1 Pochard, 25 Great-crested Grebe, 13 Little Grebe, 1 Egret.CD ...and
this afternoon: 2 Pochard and 2 female Scaup;PV and 

Rogerstown: Good number of Fieldfares in flooded field opposite entrance to Rogerstown.PV

Rogerstown: In 2hrs, I saw: 2 Red Kites, a Buzzard, a Peregrine hunting Lapwing, a female Kestrel & the male Hen Harrier. Also, a Kingfisher over the stream at the entrance to the old allotments.AR

Alder marsh on Bull Island, a male Kestrel.AR, GdeL & TC

Howth: For the first time ever in our garden in Howth we had 4 Waxwings feasting on our Cotoneaster berries this afternoon.  We watched one eating 23 berries in about a minute and a half. At this rate we will have no berries left! BQ

25 November 2012
Dublin 12:  11.10am, 170 Brent Geese in Sundrive Rd park, no juvs, 7 tags read. No Waxwings.SMcN & CH

24 November 2012

M50 Ballmun:  3 Buzzards on the M50 between Ballymun and airport exits; and

Rogerstown: male Hen Harrier, a Short-eared Owl, 2 Buzzards and 2 Kestrels.AR


Short-eared Owl at Rogerstown (Photo by Adrian Rooney)






Crumlin:   1.15pm,  60 Wawings on Stannaway Ave, Crumlin, Dublin 12 in a tree overhanging the green railings of the park onto Stannaway Ave, near park keeper's lodge. In flight between this tree and some trees on Captains Drive and the back of Stanaway Court.SMcN & CH

Waxwings at Stannaway Ave. Crumlin (Photo by Siobhan McNamara)

23 November 2012
Dublin 8:  a Grey Wagtail in a disused pond at St. James's Hospital.MH

22 November 2012

Rathfarnham: 14 Waxwings seen in Rathfarnham today.DF

Waxwing at Rathfarnham (Photo by Des Fay)

Dun Laoghaire:  I had a Greenfinch in my garden yesterday appearing to be suffering from trichomoniasis.  I live in Dun Laoghaire in county Dublin. I have removed all bird feeders and disinfected them. Should I stop feeding for a period of time? If so how long?  JC

Trichomoniasis (a disease caused by a parasitic organism): fluffed up plumage, damp head, difficulty swallowing, lethargy. The parasites pass from bird to bird via regurgitated food such as would be fed to chicks. They block the throat, causing the bird to spill saliva, and eventually cause death from starvation. Infection usually appears in late summer and autumn. It seems wild birds cannot be treated, but bird baths and water dishes can be emptied out to prevent saliva spreading the infection, and bird feeders are best left unfilled for some time (12-20 days). CMcL [Tolka Sightings Page: 26th July 2010]

NOTE:  is a good reminder to disinfect all bird feeders and bird baths.Editor  

21 November 2012
Liffey Valley:  approx. 40-60 Waxwings feeding off the berries in Liffey Valley Car Park.VH

Rogerstown:  6 Greylag Geese (no neck-rings). I believe 1st sightings at Rogerstown this year.VH

Greylag Geese at Rogerstown (Photo by Vincent Hall)

Waxwing at Liffey Valley Car Park (Photo by Ita Martin)

20 November 2012

Killester:  A flock of 20 Waxwings at St Bridget's Estate, Killester this morning.GF

Two Waxwing at Killester (Photo by Ger Franck)

Chiffchaff at Bull Island (Photo by Ger Franck)

17 November 2012

Cracking day for raptors at Rogerstown:  
Short-eared Owl hunting all around north hide.
2 female type Merlins, juvenile Peregrine, male Hen Harrier, ringtail Hen Harrier & good numbers of Kestrels, Buzzards & Sparrowhawks.
Large flock of Goldfinch, Greenfinch, Chaffinch, Linnet & Reed Bunting over Partridge field.AR



Female Merlin at Rogerstown (Photo by Adrian Rooney)






15 November 2012

Reed Bunting at Rogerstown (Photo by Harry Bailey)

14 November 2012

Howth inner harbour:  Kingfisher, 3 Little Grebe, Herring and Greater Black-backed Gulls.EMcC

Glasnevin:  Buzzard seen near the Botanic Gdns. First time I have seen one in that area.JF

Common Buzzard seen near National Botanic Gardens (Photo by John Fox)

11 November 2012

Phoenix Park (11am - 1pm):  
Ashtown Gate: 1 Buzzard, 1 Jay;  
Lake opposite Ordnance Survey: 3 Mandarin Duck and 1 Wood Duck; and at 
Farmleigh: 1 female Sparrowhawk.BBG


One of five Little Grebe under the Wooden Bridge 
at the Bull today (Photo by Cian Merne)

male Hen Harrier
2 Sparrowhawks
a Kestrel
2 Red Kites  
& numerous Buzzards, Bullfinch, Goldcrest & Reed Bunting east of south hide.AR&PH

a Red Kite
4 Buzzards
a Kestrel
a Sparrowhawk.AR&PH


10 November 2012

Rogerstown: 2 Hen Harriers (ringtail & a male), a Kestrel, a Sparrowhawk, 2 Red Kites & 5 Buzzards;  also 
M50/ Ballymun exit: 2 Buzzards.AR

Male Hen Harrier spotted  at Turvey, Dublin (Photo by Brendan Kneafsey)

Male Hen Harrier spotted  at Turvey, Dublin (Photo by Brendan Kneafsey)

Red-throated Diver at Bull Island (Photo by Eugene Dolan)

9 November 2012

Baldoyle Bridge:  80 Teal and approx 700 Golden Plover;
Howth east pier: 1 Red-throated Diver
Bull Island at Wooden Bridge:  4 Little Grebe and 1 male Stonechat on bull wall.CD

7 November 2012
Curlew Sandpiper at Bull Island (Photo by Ita Martin)

Female Stonechat at Bull Island (Photo by Ita Martin)

6 November 2012

Corkagh Park, Clondalkin Spotted 2 Jays this morning, I have been going to this park for over twenty years & this is the first time I have seen Jays there. Also present 1 Cormorant, 3 Teal & 2 Shovellers.SHarrington

Leucistic Oystercatcher seen on Bull Island from James Larkin Rd (Photo by Ger Franck)

Curlew Sandpiper at Bull Island (Photo by Vincent Hall)

5 November 2012

Rogerstown North Hide:  Male Hen Harrier at 13:15pm hunting all around the hide, female Merlin, female Sparrowhawk, 3 Buzzards, a Peregrine & large flock of Goldfinches. AR & VH

N1 Lusk: 2 Buzzards
M50 at airport exit: A Kestrel & a Buzzard.AR

4 November 2012

Irishtown:  A juvenile Long-tailed Duck at Irishtown Nature Park at high tide this afternoon.SH

Rogerstown South Hide:  Male Hen Harrier at 12:30pm, female Merlin, 3 Buzzards, a female Sparrowhawk & a female Kestrel. AR & VT

3 November 2012

Common Buzzard - one of three - at Rogerstown (Photo by Neil O'Reilly)

Kestrel hovering over dunes at the Bull Wall (Photo by Dave MacPherson)

Grey Heron at Poppintree Park, Ballymun (Photo by Mick Kelly)

2 November 2012

Sparrowhawk in Rathgar garden (Photo by Tom Gregan)

1 November 2012

Bull Island:  2 Snow Bunting seen on the beach close to the Bull wall at about 3.15 today. JF

One of two Snow Buntings on the beach at Bull Island (Photo by Ger Franck)



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