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1 July, 2008
1 Mediterranean Gull
on the Mudflats about 200 metres opposite Bilash Tandoori on Clontarf Road. JG This evening at Dalkey there was plenty of seabird activity off Coliemore Harbour. A pair of Roseate Terns and c.40 Common Terns were at Maidens Rock with two small Common Tern chicks were seen clambering around here. 3 pairs of Arctic Terns are nesting on Lamb Island and there were 5 well grown Herring Gull chicks there also. A 1st-summer Arctic Tern was also in the area. At sea there was a steady passage of Manx Shearwaters, Gannets, 19 Common Scoter, a Storm Petrel, a Whimbrel, 2 adult summer Mediterranean Gulls and Sandwich Terns going south. At the Vico Road, Killiney Hill a female Peregrine with 2 fledged juveniles were in the area. One of the juvs. was feeding on a passerine in the tall trees above White Rock whilst the other youngster was flying around with the adult. NK NTK

Moorhen on the canal, Mespil Road - the Victoria Beckham of the waterfoul set! Rosemary Doyle 

30 June, 2008
Common Terns
hawking in the Tolka basin between East Point and Fairview also juvenile Linnets around the footpath. JG

Sunday 29 June, 2008
Adult Peregrine Falcon
present on a ledge at the top of the east side of the Central bank on Dame Street for an hour this evening. LB  

Male Ruff at Swords. Eric Dempsey

Saturday 28 June, 2008
At Swords today were two adult Ruffs...a male and female.ED See Eric's photo of moulting male above. A tercel Peregrine flew south-east over our garden near Cabinteely. NK NTK

 Good news from the Kilcoole Little Tern colony. 41 chicks have hatched so far and there are still 106 eggs from a total of 67 nests. 140 adults altogether. Numbers of Sandwich Terns resting in Webb's field have been building up with 130+ there today. There was a 1st-summer Little Gull with them also. The Lapwings nesting in Webb's have successfully raised 2 juveniles. A Common Sandpiper and 2 Black-tailed Godwits were the only waders of note. At Broadlough there was 15+ Little Egrets, 4 Common Sandpipers, 45+ Sandwich Terns and the regular hybrid Carrion X Hooded Crow. There were plenty of Viviparous Lizards about the dunes today also. NTK Marsh Harrier hunting between Five Mile Point & Killoughter yesterday.Also 2 Cuckoos. One Buzzard over N11 near Glen of the Downs.AR

26 June, 2008
2 Arctic Skuas
(a dark phase adult and a pale sub-adult type) were harassing terns trying to enter the Liffey at  Poolbeg. NK

At Swords today a first summer Greenland White-fronted Goose, possibly a feral bird?Also 3 Common Sandpipers. RV   At Bremore this morning early there were at least 3 Storm Petrels feeding fairly close in offshore. This evening 3 Arctic Skuas together offshore at Bremore chasing Terns for a while, before drifting south. Also 1 Storm Petrel, 1 Roseate Tern and the Little Egret still in the area.AK Sand Martins are nesting in cliffs along the beach North of the Martello Tower at Ballbrigan.Tree Sparrow seen a little further north west of the beach.Shellduck family with ten chicks seen from the hide at Rogerstown. JF GFr

Tree Sparrow. John Fox

25 June, 2008
Baltray Little Terns
got hit badly early this morning by avian predators...gulls are main suspect. From an impressive colony total of 34 nests (up from last year's 21 nests), they've lost 44 eggs and 2 chicks. Only 21 eggs left.HB At Bremore/Cardy Rocks an adult summer Mediterranean Gull flew south. An adult winter plumage Red-throated Diver was offshore and the Little Egret was still present.AK

Shelduck Family Party. John Fox

24 June, 2008
A herd of 8 Mute Swans under the Ha'penny bridge in the gloaming this evening. LB Two juvenile Dippers on the Dodder near the Blue Haven pub being fed by adults. Blackcaps still singing there also . RV

Its all about colour - love your Linnets!

Linnet at Howth. One of a pair nesting. More colour from Bill Quinn

23 June, 2008
Male Sparrowhawk flew into Tolka Valley Park at Mulhuddart. AR At Dublin Port today 183 Common Terns ringed (182 chicks, 1 adult)   64 chicks found dead (mainly under one week, due to recent very heavy rain and gales). OM

Saturday 21 June, 2008
5 Black Guillemots
on the port side of the south wall. CMcG 12 of these birds were present  on 23 June, some apparently nesting in the harbour wall. 1 Storm Petrel was feeding close offshore between the Cardy Rocks and the shore at Bremore. Also a small passage of Manx Shearwaters throughout the day . A Little Egret was feeding along the seashore here too.AK

20 June, 2008
2 Buzzards
over the M1 near Skerries today. AR A pair of Sand Martins has nested in a hole in the wall of the Magazine fort in the Phoenix park. The young have fledged recently, but are still returning to the hole regularly. CE

19 June, 2008
Hungry parents such as the finches below and newly fledged birds are flocking around birdfeeders these days so be sure to keep them topped up!

Bullfinches and Greenfinch at Howth. Bill Quinn. Who said we only have LBJs in this country!

18 June, 2008
6 Black Guilemots
between Butt Bridge and the Sean O Casey Bridge in central Dublin this morning. LB

16 June, 2008
5 mile point towards Killoughter were families of fledged Blue Tits, Great Tits, Stonechat and Pheasant. A single Wheatear and a Cuckoo, 5 Little Egret, 2 Grey Herons, a pair of Bullfinches, a few Linnet, Meadow Pipit, Reed Bunting, Swift, Swallow and House Martin. Along the shore were 5 Sandwich Terns and a lone Turnstone a few Gannets out to sea.JF 

Cuckoo and Meadow Pipit  at Killoughter. John Fox

Young Pheasant, Killoughter. John Fox

Sunday 15 June,  2008
singing at the Mill bridge, Clondalkin this morning. LB A late morning visit to Glendalough produced a singing Redstart, a pair of Spotted Flycatchers, a singing Cuckoo and a Red Squirrel. A family party of Blackcaps including 3 juveniles were on Killoughter lane. A male and female Cuckoo are still at the pines north of Killoughter marsh. 1000's of Manx Shearwaters were feeding and rafting far offshore. A Peregrine was seen mobbing a Buzzard further inland. Broadlough was quiet with 30 Black-tailed Godwits a pair of Kestrels and a hybrid Carrion X Hooded Crow being the only birds of note. NK NTK At the Little Tern colony, Kilcoole 9 tiny Little Tern chicks have been ringed. OM Grasshopper Warbler at Newcastle seen beside the new hide. Photo below. SC

Grasshopper Warbler, Newcastle. Shay Connolly

13 June, 2008
At Swords today there were 6 Little Egrets and 20 Dunlin.ED

Cygnet at Boora (one of 8). Bill Quinn

12 June, 2008
One singing  Garden Warbler at Turraun lake in the Boora wetlands in Co. Offaly seen beside the hide. Otherwise the midlands were alive with breeding birds including plentiful drumming Snipe, Black-headed Gulls, Lapwing, Mute Swan, Moorhen, Mallard, Tufted Ducks, Little Grebe, Blackbirds, Sedge Warblers, Sand Martins, Pied Wagtail, Great Crested Grebe and Reed Bunting. Red Shank also at Boora but no evidence of young.JF, HQ, BQ. Handsome Fox also seen at Turraun.

 The Tern nest count in Dublin Bay (port area) is 392 so far, with 959 eggs and 31 chicks of 1-3 days.OM

Fox at Turraun, Co Offaly. Bill Quinn

11 June, 2008
seen taking a bird in a garden in Glasnevin.Sparrowhawk has been seen in the area for a couple of years now.MK

Female Hen Harrier, Slieve Bloom mountains. Gerry Power

10 June, 2008
Hen Harrier
in the Slieve Blooms near Fanning's Pass (Laois/Offaly border on Mountrath Kinnity road)GP

Sunday 8 June, 2008
Marsh Harrier
at Killoughter today. PK 2 male Hen Harriers, 3 Kestrels,1 Sparrowhawk, 3 Ravens, 1 Pine Marten, 1 Hare in the Slieve Blooms today. AR, JW

Moorhen. Photo taken from the Bridge over the Tolka. Ger Fisk

Saturday 7 June, 2008
1 Cuckoo, 1 Kestrel, 1 Sparrowhawk
at Killoughter . AR On Ireland's Eye there were excellent views of nesting seabirds including Puffins, Guillemots, Razorbills, Cormorants and Black-headed Gulls .JF

Bridled Guillemot (left), Ireland's Eye. John Fox

 4 June, 2008
Have a look at Paul Kelly's photo of a fabulous male Redstart in Wicklow taken on 1 June    press latest sightings left to return to this page.

Parental Advisory! Photo John Fox

Monday 2 June, 2008
A Hobby
was at Killoughter this morning at 11 am as well as 2 Cuckoos. No sign of the Crane or Lesser Whitethroat in the area.LB, BP

Little Egret. Eric Dempsey

Sunday 1 June , 2008
4 Marsh Harriers, 2 female Cuckoos, 1 Buzzard,
between Killoughter and 5 Mile Point.  Broadlough was quiet with c.125 Dunlin, 14 Black-tailed Godwits, the male Wigeon and a Kestrel  ( no sign of the Crane, Lesser Whitethroat and Alpine Swifts reported on BINS earlier in the day) RV, NTK,CF In Co Kildare at Pollardstown Fen there was one Marsh Harrier being mobbed by 2 Kestrels,  1 Buzzard perched on the large dead tree at the centre of the Fen,  also numerious Sedge Warblers ,a scattering of Grasshopper Warblers and Whitethroats along with one calling Blackcap. SJ O'B On Irelands Eye there are 465 Cormorant nests but only a few chicks  with the season later this year.17 Puffins visible on land at the colony at the base of the main north cliff, 50 Sandwich Terns loafing on rocks on the south side, and four pairs of Ringed Plovers on the shingle beach. OM  Visitors to Irelands Eye should take care NOT to walk in this area as the Plovers lay their eggs on open ground - you could easily step on them! 

Saturday 31 May, 2008
Risso's Dolphins and a Basking Shark have been seen off Kilcoole. (Little Tern Wardens)

Common Tern. John Fox

30 May, 2008
Bad news at the Kilcoole Little Tern colony. It  was raided apparently by a Fox during the night resulting in the loss of two-thirds of the nests. Courtship display and mating is already underway again however. A Grey Squirrel was seen around the Buckthorn bushes which could also be a potential threat. 27 Sandwich Terns and 4 Lapwing chicks were in Webb's field, a Red-throated Diver in summer plumage was offshore as were 7 Common Scoter flying north. NK NTK

29 May, 2008
Quiet along the Murrough today. Waders at the north end of Broadlough included c.90 Dunlin, 10 Ringed Plover and 11 Black-tailed Godwits. 12 Little Egrets, a male Wigeon, a hybrid Carrion X Hooded Crow, 5 Stock Doves, a singing Grasshopper Warbler and a singing Cuckoo were also present. The male Pochard is still in Stringer's Channel, Kilcoole which is notable. The only other birds of interest were a Common Tern that flew north, 2 Stock Doves, 3 Lapwing chicks and what appeared to be a nesting Oystercatcher in Webb's field. The Little Tern colony suffered some minor losses in recent days due to strong North-east winds causing the waves to wash across the beach, however there is still c.120 adults and 30 nests with 63 eggs. NTK SK

Sunday 25 May, 2008
Next to  Lullymore interpretive centre, Co Kildare interesting habitat includes flooded cut-over bog with willow, rush and a wealth of other emergent vegetation as well as  heath, gorse and birch woodland in the drier areas. Here the sightings included 3 singing Whitethroats, 2 Grasshopper Warblers, 2 Sedge Warblers, 1 Curlew heard making the species distinctive bubbling displaying/mating call, 2 pairs of Lapwing,1 Little Grebe plus 2 Cuckoos including a female with distinctive rufous phase plumage. SJO'B At Swords: 2 Little Egrets, 94 Mute Swans, 95 Mallard (incl. broods of ducklings). 22 Shelducks, 135 non-breeding Black-tailed Godwits, and one injured Oystercatcher. Lots of Swifts, Swallows and House Martins hawking low in the shelter of the high bank where the swans congregate. Common and Roseate Terns are now laying on Rockabill, and Little Terns at Kilcoole.OM

Saturday 24 May, 2008
An adult dark phase Arctic Skua flew south at sea off Kilcoole. NK NTK
2 Common Terns
feeding along the Liffey at the Ha'penny Bridge early this morning.LB

Common Tern with ring. John Fox

23 May, 2008
Seawatching from The Breaches, Kilcoole produced 5 Arctic Skuas, 5 Roseate Terns, a Storm Petrel, c.700 Manx Shearwaters and c.3000 Razorbills/Guillemots. 3 of the Roseate Terns spent about an hour hanging around the Little Tern colony and afforded excellent views. JC

22 May, 2008
A Grasshopper Warbler
was reeling in gloomy conditions at the north end of Blackditch East Coast Nature Reserve this morning. A unexpected surprise came in the form of a 1st-summer American Golden Plover resting on the beach at Six-mile-point!!! Excellent views were had from 12:00-13:00 but there was no sign of it later that afternoon. What was probably the same bird was flushed from the Little Tern colony at Kilcoole earlier in the morning by one of the wardens. Very little else of note at Kilcoole except an immature Peregrine, 4 Tufted Ducks and a Pochard. c.100 Little Terns are present at the colony with 6 nests containing a total of 10 eggs found today. 3 pairs of Ringed Plover and a pair of Oystercatchers are also nesting within the electric fencing. A pair of Lapwing with two half grown chicks were in Webb's field. NTK

A ringtail Montagu's Harrier flew north through Webb's field. (per. Joe Cockram, Little Tern Warden)

2 Reed Warblers were singing at Ballygannon reedbed, north of Kilcoole.  BH BP

Flegdeling Stonechat, Irishtown. John Fox

Stonechat (female), Killoughter.Paul Kelly

21 May, 2008
A pair of Roseate Terns were at Maidens Rock, Dalkey this evening. Small numbers of Common, Arctic and Sandwich Terns were also present, along with c.20 Manx Shearwaters offshore and 2-3 pairs of Shelduck on Dalkey Island. NK NTK

20 May, 2008
At Kilcoole a pale phase Arctic Skua flew north at sea. NK

19 May, 2008
A female Marsh Harrier was flying high over Castlegrange marsh (south of Five-mile-point) in Wicklow this evening. It headed north over Blackditch. A dozen Little Terns were feeding offshore and a pair of Cuckoos showed very well together hanging around the 24 mile marker on the railway line. NK NTK JK (welcome to Jack!)

Marsh Harrier, near Newcastle, Wicklow. Shay Connolly

Sunday 18 May, 2008
This morning between Five Mile Point and Killoughter there was a Cuckoo ( giving great views on a fence by the railway line ), a Marsh Harrier  and 4 Sanderling coming into summer plumage.............. sadly no sign of Spotted Sandpiper at Broad Lough which had been reported on BINS earlier .  But 18 Whimbrel and the Whitethroat below was present. JF GFr

Photo John Fox

Saturday 17 May, 2008
Highlight of the day was the thrilling Tolka Branch outing to Wicklow where there were several sightings of at least 4 Red Kites in the Red Cross, Snugborough area. Also present in the area were 3 Buzzards a Whitethroat and a Yellowhammer. In Glendalough, -  Glenmalure a few Spotted Flycatchers and Blackcaps were seen.  DMcC, JF

Red Kite, Wicklow. John Fox

16 May, 2008
A Hobby, a Kestrel, 2 Cuckoos & 3 Little Egrets seen between Killoughter & Five Mile Point. AR

15 May, 2008
News just in from the Birdwatch Ireland team on Rockabill Island where >2,000 terns have come in already including hundreds of the very special Roseate Terns. They inspected the BWI nest boxes within hours of them being in place -- also engaging in courtship flights - males presenting sprats to the females. Over 700 nest boxes were set up by volunteers for the terns. OM A Buzzard was soaring over the M50 near Lehaunstown this evening, being mobbed by corvids. NTK, PK,SK.  2 Buzzards over Richmond Park, Inchicore at lunchtime today then heading towards the Liffey & Phoenix Park area. Surprising to see them close to the city.AR .

14 May, 2008
An adult-type Hobby showed well, hawking around the pine stand north of Killoughter Marsh in the late evening. 3 Cuckoos and a Buzzard were also present in the area. NK & NTK

12 May, 2008
 3 Crossbills
were seen at Coolbeg woods near the Beehive off the N11. Whinchat and Spotted Flycatcher also seen in the area. JF, GF, HQ Female Peregrine Falcon hunting down the local pigeon population over the flats in Ballymun today.MK Osprey at the northern end of Broadlough at 3:15pm today.Between Five Mile Point & Broadlough, 4 Kestrels, plenty of Linnets, Goldfinches, Whinchats, Stonechats, Little Egrets & Little Terns. Also Cuckoo seen at Killoughter. AR HD

Crossbill. John Fox 

RAPTOR DAY - Super Sunday 11 May, 2008 
Big news today is the number of migrating raptors seen on the east coast. A Hobby dashed over the N11 heading inland near the Fassaroe turn-off, alongside Bray at 06:20am. NTK Later at Killoughter another Hobby, a Montagues Harrier and an Osprey were seen in the sunshine and a light easterly breeze.ED, PK

At the north end of Broadlough there was a reeling Grasshopper Warbler, c.100 Dunlin, c.20 Black-tailed Godwits and plenty of Whitethroats. NTK, PK & SK.  

 At Kilcoole good numbers of Sandwich Terns, 17 Little Terns, 7 Whimbrel, 2 Lapwing and 4 Sedge Warblers. 2 Red Kites and a Buzzard North of Arklow. A single Whitethroat at Arklow. JF Bray Head cliff walk recorded 27 spp in the tetrad. At least five Whitethroats singing in territories, two pairs of Stonechats, a Buzzard being mobbed by a pair of Hooded Crows, and an immature Iceland Gull flying lazily north in a northwards trickle of immature Herring Gulls. Also a trickle of Swallows.OM

Whitethroat at  Balscadden this morning. HQ On lower cliff walk from below the summit car park towards Howth direction to main seabird colony,two Whitethroats in song, male Peregrine Falcon,pair of Ravens, several Sedge Warblers in song.Plenty of activity on the seabird colonies, with Kittiwake, Shag, Guillemots, Razorbills well into nesting.GP

A Short Eared Owl and a Merlin hunting yesterday morning in Donabate at the Island Golf Club. 3 Chiffchaff and 1 Whitethroat, Stonechat and Reedbunting seen in the scrub with 2 Carrion Crow feeding on beach. Dipper along the Broadmeadow River adjacent Ashbourne Road.RK

Cuckoo seen on the Bull Island near the Interpretive Centre. SF ( welcome back Shane!!)

Sedge Warbler in typical pose at Kilcoole today. John Fox

Saturday 10 May, 2008
Female Marsh Harrier, 1 Kestrel and  1 Raven this morning at Kilcoole. AR

9 May, 2008
Glaucous Gull,
still at Balbriggan this evening.AK

Kingfisher on the Dodder. 11 May.Shay Connolly

8 May, 2008
In the Strawberry Beds today, highlights included a Buzzard, Sparrowhawk, a pair of Kestrels, Jays, Blackcap, Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler, Spotted Flycatcher and a calling Little Grebe. Just under forty species seen/heard in a couple of hours.Juvenile Grey Wagtail fluttering through gardens near Crumlin hospital, a long way from any water. RV 

7 May, 2008
Glaucous Gull
still at Balbriggan Harbour this evening. AK

6 May, 2008
Two Spotted Flycatchers near Redcross (E. Wicklow).  Also two pairs of Buzzards, a Whitethroat and some Blackcaps. OM Swifts seen early this morning wheeling noisily around Temple Bar and on Whitworth Road.LB JH Sand Martins feeding along the Tolka and nesting on the Church opposite the Botanic Gardens.PR 

5 May, 2008
A Peregrine falcon and  2 Ravens over Cloghoge river at Luggala today.AR

No its not the Mediterranean - its Howth today! Bill Quinn
(This photo is for the overseas website visitor who emailed Dublinbirding to ask about the weather!)


Wren at Howth. Bill Quinn

Saturday 3 May, 2008
1 Dark-bellied Brent
with 5 pale-bellied Brent Geese at Rogerstown today. AK  At Kilcoole 3 x White Wagtails ( no sign of the Yellow Wags) 40+ Whimbrel , female Sparrowhawk,  Little Terns (12 +) Sandwich Terns, Sedge Warblers singing from the BWI reserve all the way to the breaches Northern Wheatears very apparant. Also 2 x Common Sandpipers at Kilcoole Co Wicklow JG. A pair of Hen Harriers, 3 Kestrel, 1 Wheatear, 2 Red squirrels, 1 Woodcock in Slieve Blooms.AR

2 May, 2008
A Nordic Jackdaw
(looking like the nominate race monedula) was feeding with other corvids on the green beside the Noggin Inn, Sallynoggin. NTK

1 May, 2008
A female Peregrine was seen over UCD Belfield. NTK


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