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Mick Kelly, Dave MacPherson, Brian McDonnell, Adrian Rooney, Ian Stevenson, Bill Quinn   

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25 June 2013

Celbridge: An adult & a fledgling Long-eared Owl tonight in Celbridge at 22:00hrs.AR

24 June 2013

Wren in full throttle at Howth summit (Photo by Lian Kane)

Little Grebe and chick at pond near Sutton Cross (Photo by Bill Quinn)

Morehen and chick at pond near Sutton Cross (Photo by Bill Quinn)

23 June 2013

Lucan:  At least three separate Whitethroats in full song this afternoon in St Catherine's Pk, Lucan- in the field behind the old church ruins.DdeB

21 June 2013

Female Mandarin duck juvenile at Dodder River near Dartry (Photo by Des Fay)

20 June 2013

Cormorant with fish snack in Howth Harbour (Photo by Bill Quinn)

19 June 2013

Phoenix Park:  An adult Long-eared Owl in the Phoenix Park at 22:30pm.AR

Tree Sparrow at Grand Canal Lucan (Photo by Ian Stevenson)

Yellowhammer at Grand Canal Lucan (Photo by Ian Stevenson)

17 June 2013

Two adult Long-eared Owls hunting & carrying prey in Celbridge from 22:20pm onwards last night.AR

Meadow Pipit at Howth summit (Photo by Liam Kane)

Bulfinch family (Female, Male and Juvenile) in Howth garden (Photo by Bill Quinn)

15 June 2013

Juvenile Great Tit in Clontarf garden (Photo by Dave MacPherson)

13 June 2013

Coot with it's baldy headed chick at Poppintree Park (Photo by Mick Kelly)

Swans with 10 cygnets in Poppintree Park (Photo by Mick Kelly)

11 June 2013

Killiney:  almost 20 Gannets off Killiney beach this afternoon, quite close to shore.JC

Gannet in dive mode off Killiney shore (Photo by James Cavanagh)

10 June 2013

Grey Heron in flight at Causeway, Bull Island (Photo by Eugene Dolan)

9 June 2013

Carton Demesne: 2 Buzzards. AR
Oldtown Wood, Phoenix Park: A juvenile Jay.AR

Ireland's Eye:  Fulmar, Guillemot and Puffins.  Also 2 Peregrine were flying above the Gannet colony, making a lot of noise as they circled.DMacP

Fulmar at Ireland's Eye (Photo by Dave MacPherson)

8 June 2013

A pair of Tufted Ducks seen on the Dodder River this afternoon near Herbert Park (Photo by James Cavanagh)

7 June 2013

Grey Heron in Coolock back garden (Photo by Brian McDonnell)

4 June 2013

Lesser Black-backed Gull at City Quay (Photo by Joe Geraty)

2 June 2013

4 Buzzards at Pinnock Hill on the Swords Road.GdeL

1 June 2013

Grand Canal way between Lucan and Hazelhatch the following was seen:  1 Spotted Flycatcher, 1 Yellowhammer, 2 Adult Long-eared Owls.IS

Northern Wheatear at Bull Island (Photo by Grzegorz Burkowski)

Peregrine at Island's Eye (Photo by John Fields)



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