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Harry Bailey, Brian Carruthers, Gary De Lacy, Eugene Dolan, Ciaran Dunne, John Fox, Ger Franck, Brian B Gormley, Paul Heneghan, 
Ed Kealy, Mick Kelly, Sean Kingston, Colm Lawler, Dave MacPherson, Cian Merne, Dermot O'Mahony, Neil O'Reilly, Bill Quinn, 
Adrian Rooney, Jenny Ryan, Ian Stevenson, Patrick Veale 

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29 June 2012
Castleknock: Buzzard over Gaa Grounds at 19:00.AR

27 June 2012
Carton House: 3 Long-eared Owl chicks, female Sparrowhawk & a Hare. AR

Jedward-like juvenile Starlings being fed at Howth (Photo by Bill Quinn)

26 June 2012

Rogerstown: 16 Greenshank adults, 16 Little Egret, 1 Common Sandpiper.DO'M

N4 Liffey Valley: A Kestrel.AR

Kittiwake at Poolbeg (Photo by Eugene Dolan)

25 June 2012
Celbridge: 3 Long-eared Owl chicks in flight along with an adult carrying prey, also a Hare.AR & PH

23 June 2012
Sandycove:  9 Mediterranean Gulls including white ringed bird E553.SK

Mute Swans with Cygnets at Poppintree Park, Finglas (Photo by Mick Kelly)

Cygnets at Poppintree Park, Finglas (Photo by Mick Kelly)

Coot chicks at Poppintree Park, Finglas (Photo by Mick Kelly)







21 June 2012
Liffey Valley:  a very wet Peregrine (juv) sitting on the aerial mast of the M50 command depot southbound just before the Liffey Valley bridge 6-50am.BC

19 June 2012
Celbridge:  An adult & 3 juvenile Long-eared Owls in Celbridge at 22:30pm, adult carrying a mouse.AR

North Bull Island:  Meadow Pipit, Lark, Linnet, Reed Bunting, Shelduck and a small flock of juvenile Starling.JF

Linnet at Donabate (Photo by Harry Bailey)

18 June 2012
Ticknock forest: A juvenile Long-eared Owl calling & flying about at 22:45pm & also a Fox.AR

17 June 2012
Lucan: A Buzzard at 11:30am in the Strawberry Beds close to West Link bridge.AR

Knock Lake area:  2 Red Kites (one not tagged), 2 Buzzards, 3 Whitethroat and a Reed Bunting, seen in farmland near Knock Lake.BG

Adult Peregrine Falcon at Howth (Photo by Neil O'Reilly)

Juvenile Peregrine Falcon at Howth (Photo by Neil O'Reilly)

14 June 2012
Castleknock GAA Club: A Buzzard over playing fields at 19:00 ;  also
Phoenix Park: A juvenile Long-eared Owl at 20:15.AR&GdeL

13 June 2012
Donabate: A Long-eared Owl in low flight at 22:25pm on Turvey Avenue at the entrance to Turvey golf club.  Also 2 Buzzards over old allotments.AR

12 June 2012

Botanic Gardens:  a Mandarin Duck with 2 ducklings in the Botanic Gardens on the Tolka near the rose garden.Anon

Bull Island: A Cuckoo at the Alder Marsh, Bull Is. this morning.EK

Skylark at Bull Island (Photo by Ger Franck)

Grasshopper Warbler at Howth Head (Photo by John Fox)

Linnet and Greenfinch in Howth Garden (Photo by Bill Quinn)

11 June 2012
Blessington Street Basin: 1 adult male Smew, 2 Hooded Mergansers, 14 Tufted Duck, 2 Mute Swans, Coot, Mandarin Duck and Wood Duck all have young.  Also Moorhen on nest.CD

10 June 2012
Phoenix Park/Oldtown Wood: 2 Jay & large flock of Long-tailed Tits.AR

Mute Swan & cygnets at Donabate (Photo by Jenny Ryan)

9 June 2012
Bull Island: 1 Cuckloo.PH

"Ugly Duckling"  - Moorhen Chick at Belfield (Photo by Colm Lawler)

6 June 2012
Inchicore:  Normally during the Summer evenings we would have maybe 6 Swifts flying over Inchicore but last night I counted 50 to 60 Swifts flying over the village. A great sight and sound.IS

Phoenix Park:  an adult and two juvenile Long-eared Owls and also a Jay & a pair of Sparrowhawk..AR&PH

Long-eared Owl at Phoenix Park (Photo by Adrian Rooney)

Stonechat at North Hide Rogerstown (Photo by Harry Bailey)

Shelduck at North Hide Rogerstown (Photo by Harry Bailey)

Juvenile Robin at Belfield (Photo by Colm Lawler)

5 June 2012
Phoenix Park:  an adult and two juvenile Long-eared Owls in Phoenix Park tonight at 21:30.AR&PH

4 June 2012
House Martin at Bull Island (Photos by Dave MacPherson)

Kestrel at Bull Island (Photos by Paul Heneghan)

3 June 2012
Skerries harbour: 1 male Common Scoter.DO'M

Rogerstown:  in the pools beside the South Hide was one male Gadwall and a pair of Teal. No waders of any kind though!PV

2 June 2012
Fulmar is part of a flock of 120+ Fulmars that gather about 1km out to sea from Bray Harbour every day (Photos by Cian Merne)

Colour ringed juvenile Herring Gull seen at Bray Harbour (Photos by Cian Merne)

was ringed last Summer on the Isle of Man

1 June 2012
Castleknock GAA Club: A Kestrel.AR



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