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Kristina Brazionyte, Philip Clancy, Shay Connolly, Eric Dempsey, Rosemary Doyle, Tom Doyle, Aidan Dunne, John Fox, Mir Harris, Michael Keating, Brian Keogh, 
Cian Merne, François Mullan, Stephen O'Byrne, Bill Quinn, Jenny Ryan, Brendan Shiels, Ian Stevenson, Frank Turpin

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30 June 2010
A flock of 16 Swifts flying together at 8pm tonight over Ballymun.MK 
Along the new cycle way from Inchicore to Lucan the following were seen: Reed Bunting, Yellowhammer, Willow Warbler, Blackcap, Chiffchaff, Whitethroat and 3 Juvenile Long-eared Owls. A great variety so close to the city.IS

29 June 2010
Has anyone seen the almost snow white gull just north of the Bull Island Causeway? It is among the usual group of gulls and easily compared. To my eye it is a 2nd/3rd year immature Iceland Gull. Good views today (29th) for an hour at 16.30. FT.

26 June 2010
Mucky Duck?  No...
Juvenile Dipper in the Dodder (Photo by Shay Connolly)

25 June 2010
Check out our Gallery for great photo of a Puffin calling from the Great Saltee Island, Wexford.ED   Also spotted on the Great Saltee Island a male Gannet greeting a female with the usual peck on the head (check out photo in the Gallery).KB

23 June 2010
Blue Tit on its first day from its nest, Ballymun
(Photo by Jenny Ryan)

22 June 2010
Great sight today at 5.00pm of 4 young Buzzards soaring together over Silloige Golf Course.MK
Wonderful views of a Swallow feeding its young at Rogerstown.JF

Swallow feeding young at Rogerstown (Photo by John Fox)


20 June 2010
St. Annes Park today 1 Kestrel hovering around looking for food for about twenty minutes and 1 Jay.AD

Jay at St. Anne's Park (Photo by Aidan Dunne)

19 June 2010
At Boora Bog, Offaly, Snipe.JF  Check out our Gallery for great photo of Snipe drumming.

At Maynooth College North Campus 2 Spotted Flycatchers.SC(photo below) 

Bird of the day from the Tolka June outing to Howth today was a Kestrel who showed well and hovered long, for all the get a good view and good photos of it.

Kestrel at Balscadden, Howth (Photo by Brendan Shiels)

Spotted Flycatcher at Maynooth (Photo by Shay Connolly)

16 June 2010
Oscar and Cian Merne conducted a breeding seabird census along Bray Head today and the results are as follows: 

Fulmars have halved, which is what we're finding elsewhere; Cormorants and Shags have increased, as have Herring Gulls. Kittiwakes are up from 1247 in 2009, Razorbills down from 245,and Guillemots about the same (1184 in 2009).OM&CM

Fulmar  46 sites
Cormorant 62 nests
Shag  63 nests
Herring Gull  10 nests/sites
Great Black-backed Gull 1 pair
Kittiwake  1473 nests
Razorbill  150 individuals
Guillemot 1216 individuals
Black Guillemot 30 individuals

Fulmar taking off at Howth (Photo by Cian Merne)

Juvenile Dunnock visiting Dublin garden today.JF

Dunnock - Juvenile  (Photo by John Fox)

14 June 2010
with chick seen in County Down. ED (See photo in Gallery)

13 June 2010
The Glaucous Gull is still popping up in Bray Harbour, and also out to sea, scavenging from fishing boats as pictured.CM
A Lapwing with 4 chicks in field near Rogerstown hide at pool.   Also 2 Snipe at hide & Buzzards.SC - (pictures below) 

Glaucous Gull (Photo by Cian Merne)

Buzzard at Rogerstown (Photo by Shay Connolly)

Lapwing with Chicks at Rogerstown (Photo by Shay Connolly)

12 June 2010
Roving Records Branch outing: 
17 Tolka members participated in a fun Bird Atlas Roving Records outing as part of 8 teams covering 10km square tetrads in County Meath today. Many thanks to Niall Tierney of Birdwatch Ireland for facilitating the outing and showing us how to enter roving records into the Atlas. The focus of the event was to record evidence of breeding birds. Over 50 species were seen during the course of the morning. Thanks to all who participated in this very well worthwhile event. We encourage everyone to enter their roving records into the Bird Atlas especially evidence of breeding birds. For more information on the Bird Atlas please click here.

Meanwhile...Sighting of an Osprey at Swords Estuary moving north at approx 12.30pm near roundabout/Swans end this afternoon. It was being harrassed by Gulls before moving north in the Rogerstown direction. BK   1 Black Guillemot under O'Connell Bridge this morning. No sign of the city centre Peregrine Falcons for some weeks now. LB 

Greedy Greenfinch in Sutton Garden. (Photo by Cian Merne)

9 June 2010
Nice views had today of a mother Coal-tit feeding her 7 screeching fledgelings in Santry Demense while a Buzzard soared overhead.MK

7 June 2010
A lovely photo of the Bar-headed Goose at Swords estuary today taken by one of our younger members, François Mullan.

6 June 2010
At Grand Canal, North of Lock 22 between Rathangan and Kilmeague County Kildare: 2 Spotted Flycatchers, several Yellowhammers, 2 Cuckoos and numerous Reed Buntings.SO'B

Meanwhile in a Howth garden:   Just 4 days after they hatched 1 Blue Tit adult & 3 chicks appeared on the bird feeder today (there appears to have been 1 chick fatality). The Squirrel is also very keen on the peanuts.BQ

Blue Tits and Red Squirrell in Howth. (Photos by Bill Quinn)

4 June 2010

In garden at Porchavodda Co. Carlow there are 2 Spotted Flycatchers in the same nest box that they have used in three previous years. Also 12 Tree Sparrows in six boxes. Some on second broods and some failed on first brood. Have been watching the nests and noticed that when chicks are young they are fed insects up to 12 times an hour but when chicks are within a day or two of fledging they are fed only once or twice an hour and you cannot see the insects anymore so I think they must be being fed seed pulp.PC

In Cian and Rachel's Sutton garden the Starling broods are increasing weekly in Hitchcockian proportions, up to 34 at the moment.CM

Juvenille Starlings. (Photo by Cian Merne)

3 June 2010
5 Swifts flying around St James Hospital today. MH

2 June 2010
Dipper feeding on the Dodder, under the bridge at Ballsbridge this morning 7.30 am.TD

1 June 2010
Two family scenes from the Grand Canal, Mespil Road. RD

Swan with 2 of 4 Cygnets. (Photo by Rosemary Doyle)

Mallard family. (Photo by Rosemary Doyle)




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