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27 July 2013

Rathcoole:  2 Buzzards over N7 at Rathcoole.AR

Kingfisher at Broadmeadows River, Lissenhall, Swords (Photo by Vincent Hall)

Robin at Broadmeadows River, Lissenhall, Swords (Photo by Vincent Hall)

26 July 2013

Clondalkin:  A Buzzard at Newland's Cross Clondalkin.AR

25 July 2013

2 Kestrels drying off, on lamp posts on the M50 south between exits 5 & 6;  and 
Swifts:  7 Swifts over Northwood Business Park (Homebase) Santry.BC

22 July 2013

Swifts:  16 Swifts flying above my garden on the North Strand yesterday evening. A lot of screeching going on! JB

What could possibly be more cute than a Mandarin Duck chick?... Scroll down...

7 Mandarin Duck chicks on the River Dodder (Photos by Des Fay)

20 July 2013

Finglas - Tolka River walk: 2 family groups of Grey Wagtails at either end of the Tolka River;  1 adult Mandarin female with 4 youngsters;  33 + Long-tailed Tits scouring the trees for insects;  4 Buzzards (possibly 2 adults with 2 youngsters);  2 Dippers; & 1 Kingfisher.BC

19 July 2013

Dunnock eating a juicy berry in Malahide garden (Photo by Ita Martin)

18 July 2013

Finglas:  A 3 hour walk along the Tolka River revealed...   

  • a Mandarin duck (fm) with 4 chicks;  

  • 28 Mallards, one being a leucistic female with 5 chicks; 

  • a family of 8 Long-tailed Tits;  

  • a family of 6 Little Grebes

  • 9 Grey Wagtails (2 different families); 

  • 1 Dipper

  • numerous amount of Laridae;  

  • 1 Dunnock

  • 5 Coot

  • 4 Grey Herons

  • numerous amount of Robins & Wrens

  • 11 Swifts (approximately) around the Ashtown bridge;  

  • 3 Buzzards calling overhead; 

  • Magpies galore; 

  • 100+ Swallows & House Martins over 'The Ponds'; 

  • 5 Bullfinches

  • a Spotted Flycatcher at the work compound;  

  • 4 juvenile Pheasants

  • 9 Moorhens (3 adults & 6 Chicks); 

  • 3 Reed Buntings;  

  • 1 Yellowhammer

  • 1 Kingfisher (flyby);  

  • 2 Mistle Thrush

  • 1 Little Egret

  • 4 Song Thrush

  • 20+ Blackbirds

  • 20+ Linnets

  • 2 Chiffchaff

  • 3 Greenfinches

  • 9 Goldfinches;

  • 16+ Chaffinches

  • numerous amount of Great, Blue & Coal Tits

  • 5 Tufted Ducks

  • Woodpigeons galore; 

  • 12 Collared Doves

  • Starlings galore;  

  • 2 Blackcaps

  • 2 Goldcrest;  

  • 6 Pied Wagtails; numerous amount of Rooks, Hooded Crows, Jackdaws & House Sparrows.BC & CR & SC 

Little Grebe with chicks on Tolka River (Photo by Brian Carruthers)

Mallard (fm) leucistic, with juveniles on Tolka River (Photo by Brian Carruthers)

Swifts:  5 Swifts flying around over my back garden yesterday in Malahide around 12.30pm and I have 2 there again this morning since about 7.30am.IM

Swift over Malahide (Photo by Ita Martin)

16 July 2013

Swifts: 60-70 Swifts flying high over Inchicore this evening.IS

15 July 2013

Looks like the Common Starling couldn't resist the sweet nectar of New Zealand Flax.   Dipping their beaks into the flowers the Starlings' crowns are dusted with the strong orange pollen. 

ded" Common Starling at Kilbarrack (Photos by Cian Merne)

Swifts: 8 Swifts (could be more!) screeching around St James Hospital at 07.15hrs this morning.MH

13 July 2013

Swifts: 8 Swifts, some screaming at 10am over the Philipsburg Ave/Waverley Ave area in Fairview.PR

12 July 2013

Reed Bunting seen at Tolka Valley Park (Photo by Eugene Dolan)

Swifts: 11 Swifts over North Circular Road, Hanlon's Corner, with some screaming, on the evening of July 12 - circling overhead in the middle of 40-50 Herring Gulls. Presumably feeding on the winged ants that have just hatched in the hot weather.BBG

11 July 2013

Three of the eight Black Guillemots along the Great South Wall this morning (Photo by Andy Friel)

9 July 2013

Swifts: No Swifts nesting about Naul this year. They were reasonably plentiful 13 years ago (10/12 pairs) but numbers have steadily declined and unfortunately this year they are absent. Lack of nesting sites would not seem to be the issue as the buildings where they did nest in 2000 remain in the same condition.JC 

Swifts:  11 Swifts circling and screaming 19.15 - 20.30 at The Baily, Howth.HQ

Swifts: Killester -  Its 22:30 and our usual trio have been joined by 2 very recently fledged Swifts - Total of 5 now. Still can't find the nest!MH

7 July 2013

Swifts: Tolka River Valley Ashtown - about 5 Swifts on the northside of the river, maybe nesting at Teagasc Food Research Centre, Ashtown.BC

Swifts:  5 Swifts at The Baily, Howth, 16:15 and 21:30 today. Just barely screaming.. Much more vocal other years.HQ

Swifts:  this season there are not as many Swifts in my neighbourhood of Swords.  I heard sporadic calls this evening from only 2 Swifts.  In previous summer evenings, there were usually at least 10 calling.AF.

6 July 2013

Swifts: Killester -  had the usual 3 Swifts screaming while flying around at 10 p.m.. Last year we had 5 by the end of the season. Still have not seen where they nest!.MH

Finglas: Had a cracking early morning walk along the Tolka River Finglas to Superquinn Ashtown and back, with the morning air temperature starting @ 15c at 6-30am, rising to 20c by 9am.   Spotted along with the usual suspects were... 5 Mandarin Ducks (1 fm with 4 chicks);  5 Grey Wagtails (2 adults & 3 juvs) fly-catching along with their close cousins;  4 Pied Wagtails (2 adults & 2 juvs); 4 Dippers (2 adults & 2 juvs);  3 Buzzards circling high in the thermals, 2 Kingfishers at either end of my walk. BC

Kingfisher on River Tolka (Photo by Brian Carruthers)

Blackbird sunbathing or anting in St. Stephen's Green (Photo by Colm Lawler)

6 July 2013

Female Tufted Duck at Herbert Park (Photo by Colm Lawler)

Magpie at Herbert Park (Photo by Colm Lawler)

5 July 2013

Black-headed Gull at pond in UCD Belfield (Photo by Colm Lawler)

Little Grebe and chicks at Tolka Valley Park (Photo by Vincent Hall)

Mallard (leucistic) and her chicks at Tolka Valley Park (Photo by Vincent Hall)

Grey Wagtail having a stretch at Tolka Valley Park (Photo by Vincent Hall)

4 July 2013

Great Spotted Woodpecker
was seen today in Oldtown Wood, Phoenix Park - must be celebrating 4th July with the Ambassador!  Also a Sparrowhawk in Iveagh Gardens, Dublin.PA

Today (4th July) was a very red day in our Howth garden.  Apart from the increasing mob of Bullfinches we also had Goldfinches, Redpolls and Linnets.BQ

2 Goldfinch and 1 Redpoll in Howth Garden (Photo by Bill Quinn)

Linnet in Howth Garden (Photo by Bill Quinn)

3 July 2013

Rogerstown: 2 Wigeon - adult male and eclipse male;  1 Whimbrel; and 81 summer plumaged Black-tailed Godwit.DO'M

Juvenile Great Tit in Malahide Garden (Photo by Ita Martin)

1 July 2013

Swords & Donabate: Spotted Redshank and a Lapwing at Swords and four Curlews at Kilcrea today.DMcC

Kittiwake at Bulloch Harbour (Photo by Colm Lawler)

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