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31 July 2010
Two Whimbrel and one Ringed Plover at Swords Estuary this afternoon approx 12.30pm.BK

30 July 2010
Two Balearic Shearwaters seen amongst flocks of feeding Manx Shearwaters east of the Cardy Rocks, Bremore, Balbriggan, this evening.AK
Two Buzzards at 6:30 this morning on electricity pylons at Dublin Airport Logistics Park on the N2.AR

28 July 2010
Between 1.30 & 2.15pm on the Dodder today along the stretch from Merrion Rd bridge to Lansdowne railway station bridge:  5 Mandarin Duck (poss. 2 eclipse males and 3 female/juv);  1 eclipse male Wood Duck. DO'M & TD   Also more 5 Mandarin Duck in Herbert Park. TD
At 7am on the same stretch of Dodder: 1 Kingfisher. TD
By the 12th Lock along the canal in Lucan:  a small flock of Tree Sparrows (4-6);  a Reed Warbler; good numbers of Chiffchaffs and Willow Warblers; 3 Blackcap; 4-5 Yellowhammer; Goldcrest; a Kestrel; and 2 Buzzard.IS 

Juvenile Mandarin Duck (Photo by Tom Doyle)                                              Juvenile Mandarin Duck (Photo by Des Fay)

Wood Duck - juv or eclipse male (Photo by Des Fay)

26 July 2010
At Tacumshin 1 Wood Sandpiper and the Glossy Ibis present at Forgotten Corner.BS

A Timely Reminder - Keep the Bird Table clean... 

Ailing juvenile Greenfinch in Sandyford garden today. It is showing symptoms of trichomoniasis (a disease caused by a parasitic organism): fluffed up plumage, damp head, difficulty swallowing, lethargy. The parasites pass from bird to bird via regurgitated food such as would be fed to chicks. They block the throat, causing the bird to spill saliva, and eventually cause death from starvation. Infection usually appears in late summer and autumn. It seems wild birds cannot be treated, but bird baths and water dishes can be emptied out to prevent saliva spreading the infection, and bird feeders are best left unfilled for some time. CMcL  
Late Summer and early Autumn is the usual time for incidences of sightings of ill finches. 

Juvenile Greenfinch with signs of trichomoniasis (Photo by Coilin MacLochlainn)


25 July 2010
Two Dipper at Dropping Well pub and 2 at the Weir on the Dodder.MC 
A family of 4 Peregrines playing this morning in Wicklow Mountains.  Also 2 Ravens & 2 Kestrels.  Good numbers of Wheatears along the trail along with a small flock of Goldcrest in the conifers. A male Sparrowhawk over M50 close to Leopardstown.AR

Over 4000 mostly Common Terns roosting at Dublin Bay (Sandymount) these evenings.OM

Juvenile Robin (Photo by Tom Grehan)

20 July 2010
We have had a great selection of juvenile birds this year and the photos keep coming.  It's hard to believe that this mucky chick will grow up to be an elegant Gannet some day. 

 Gannet chick and Adult Gannet (Photo by Eric Dempsey)

19 July 2010
Three female Mandarin Duck on Grand Canal near Baggot Street.MC 

18 July 2010
A Buzzard gliding over the weir at Lucan bridge at 12:15pm today.AR

17 July 2010
Tufted Duck chick at Bushy Park (Photo by Shay Connolly)

15 July 2010

Robin in Dublin garden (Photo by Tom Gregan)                                                   Dipper from the Dodder (Photo by Tom Gregan)

14 July 2010

A single Buzzard flying over Mulhuddart at 5:30pm at about 300ft.AR
Sparrowhawk in garden on Howth Head this morning.BQ

Sparrowhawk in Howth garden (Photo by Bill Quinn)

13 July 2010
Six Black Guillemots at the Ha'penny Bridge (with one adult alighting on the quay wall unafraid of the passing traffic and pedestrians!!) and an adult Peregrine soaring over the Four Courts this morning. Also, a pair of Blackcaps on Leeson Park in Ranelagh, with a Chiffchaff singing from Dartmouth Square park.MC 

12 July 2010
Attached are three shots of a second Summer female wing tagged Montagu's Harrier which was seen in the midlands site on June 30th 2010. The bird was originally misidentified as a Female Hen Harrier and it was only discovered yesterday that it was in fact a Montagu's because of the wing tags. I think it was tagged in France. It had a white tag on the left and a yellow with a black diagonal stripe on the right.JF

Montagu's Harrier (Photos by John Fox) - Click on photos to enlarge

11 July 2010
Quiet 4 hours this morning in the southern Slieve Blooms in Co. Laois:  3 Jay, 1 Raven, pair of Bullfinch & 1 male Harrier in the far distance.  A Kestrel on Grange Castle Road in Lucan on my return. Greenfinch in my garden in Mulhuddart this evening.AR

             Greenfinch in Mulhuddart (Photo by Adrian Rooney)                                      Juvenile Greenfinch being fed by an adult (Photo by Adrian Rooney)

10 July 2010
Many juvenile birds in Sandyford garden all week, including Blue Tits, Great Tits, Willow Warbler, Greenfinches, Bullfinches. Parent Bullfinches brought three juvs to the garden on Wednesday. Two of them promptly flew into the window, one after the other, the third stopped short and landed on the window sill. I don't think they'd seen glass before and only saw the reflected bushes. Hope they weren't hurt.CMacL

Juvenile Bullfinch being fed by an adult (Photo by Cóilín MacLochlainn)

Juvenile Dunnock in Sandyford garden (Photo by Cóilín MacLochlainn)

9 July 2010
Three Black Guillemots sitting on the quay wall beside Islandbridge opposite Hueston Station this morning at 11am.MK

8 July 2010
Two Grey Partridges at Boora Bog, Co Offaly.PC - See photos in
our Gallery.    Adult and two Long-eared Owl chicks in South County Dublin.ED, JF&PC

       Long-eared Owl Chick (Photo by Eric Dempsey)                             Long-eared Owl Chicks (Photo by Philip Clancy)

Proud Parent:   Long-eared Owl (Photo by John Fox)

7 July 2010
Report from Baltray Little Tern Colony:  Up to 91 Little Tern chicks successfully hatched and plenty of Adults around. Project doing really well so far.
Other birds at Baltray:  Curlews, 2 Whimbrels, Arctic Terns, Common Terns and several Roseates and Sandwiches with Juveniles, Common Sandpipers, Bar-tailed Godwits.  Summer plumaged Dunlin and Sanderling have returned from breeding grounds.BS - See photos in our Gallery.

6 July 2010
Kingfisher in Tolka Valley park in Mulhuddart at 6:30pm this evening.AR

4 July 2010
Mediterranean Gulls at Sandymount Strand amongst the Black-headed Gulls, majority were in ad. Summer plumage.AK
If you have never seen a juvenille Great-Crested Grebe then you must check out our Gallery for a an unusual photo from the Shannon.CM
At Broadmeadows (Seatown): Male Goldeneye with the Swans and one early returning adult Greenshank with the roosting Redshank. At least 9
Common Sandpipers, no sign of the Ruff.DO'M
A Swan family and some Reed Buntings this afternoon along the Grand Canal cycle way at Clondalkin between Lucan & Inchicore.

Swans at Clondalkin (Photo by Adrian Rooney)

3 July 2010
A beautiful day on Ireland's Eye where a few Tolka Branch members assisted with ringing Cormorants, Shags and Gulls. Contrary to what is generally thought, Cormorants migrate considerable distances with some Dublin Cormorants recovered in France and Spain. One Common Sandpiper was seen as we landed on the island at 11.30. LB
Meanwhile at Broadmeadows: 282+ Black-tailed Godwits, 1 Ruff, 3 Common Sandpipers.CE

2 July 2010
Male & female Bullfinch on bird feeder in our garden on Howth Head today. BQ

Male and Female Bulfinch (Photo by Bill Quinn)

1 July 2010
First summer Little Gull and adult Mediterranean Gull at Gormanstown tonight.  Also 4 Meds (2 adults and 2 1st summer) at Barnageeragh, north of Skerries.AK


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