Brian Carruthers, John Fox, Dave MacPherson, Ita Martin, Dermot McCabe, Marie O'Brien, Marie Sinnott

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29 August 2015

The (Scottish) Osprey that caused a little stampede to Rogerstown Estuary / Turvey Park Viewed from the Turvey South Hide from 10-15am to 8pm - Photos by Brian Carruthers

21 August 2015

St. James's Street:  2 Swifts, reluctant migrants, flying over St James's Hospital Main Entrance today at lunchtime.MS

20 August 2015

Kingfisher on the Dodder (Photo by Ita Martin)

Grey Wagtail on the Dodder (Photo by Ita Martin)

Grey Heron on the Dodder (Photo by Ita Martin)

Dipper on the Dodder (Photo by Ita Martin)

17 August 2015

Ruff at Broadmeadows (3 birds on somewhat filthy and polluted shoreline) (Photo by Dave MacPherson)

13 August 2015

Wheatear on Bull Island (Photo by John Fox)

12 August 2015

Long-tailed Tit at Botanic Gardens (Photo by Marie O'Brien)

Goldcrest at Botanic Gardens (Photo by Marie O'Brien)

4 August 2015

Fairview:  24 Swifts flying around in Fairview this evening.JF

Swifts over Fairview (Photo by John Fox)

3 August 2015

Female Sparrowhawk in Glasnevin Garden (Photo by Dermot McCabe)
Note how talons are so long she can't hold her toes upright on level surface 


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