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30 April 2013

Saw this rather scruffy Reed Bunting today near Baily Lighthouse (Photo by Bill Quinn)

29 April 2013

Guillemot in summer plumage at Howth east pier (Photo by Eugene Dolan)

Gannet diving for fish near Bull Wall on city side (Photo by Dave MacPherson)

Successful catch (Photo by Dave MacPherson)

28 April 2013

Knock Lake:  Purple Heron seen on sunday at 10.40am on NE corner of Knock Lake. Initially flew up when disturbed, and landed a short distance away giving good views, then took off and flew NE towards motorway.  Sand Martins, House Martins, Swallows, Willow Warblers, Reed Bunting and Yellowhammer also present (but they're all just a blur now after the Purple Heron!)BBG

Bull Island: 1 Whitethroat on Bull Island this morning singing in scrub behind the Royal Dublin clubhouse.TD

Whitethroat at Bull Island (Photo by Tom Doyle)

27 April 2013

Tolka outing to Slieve Beagh Monaghan:  Meadow Pipit, Wheatear, Skylark, Reed Bunting, Wren, Hen Harrier (m&f), Chaffinch, Blue Tit, Swallow, Buzzard, Kestrel, Raven, Hooded Crow.

26 April 2013

Baldoyle: Good day for raptors over at the Old Racecourse in Baldoyle. 2 Buzzards, 1 Kestrel, 1 Sparrowhawk and 3 Red Kites. First time I've seen Red Kites in Baldoyle.EK

UCD Belfield at 10.20am: 2 Ravens. One picked apart a nest next to the Arts building, undeterred by mobbing Magpies and Hooded Crows, possibly looking for eggs to eat. They flew off after 10 minutes and a Hooded Crow examined the attacked nest, I thought it looked like it was glugging down egg remnants, but not sure. One of the Ravens returned and sat on top of Arts building for a while.SMcN

Male Redpoll in Kilbarrack Garden (Photo by Cian Merne)

Female Redpoll in Kilbarrack Garden (Photo by Cian Merne)

25 April 2013

Bull Island: 12 Skylarks on the North Bull. Lots of Brent still about on the Bull, and quiet a few Whimbrel.LK

Skylark at the Bull (Photo by Liam Kane)

24 April 2013

Arran Quay:  Peregrine at 9:30 this morning over the Liffey at Arran Quay.AR

23 April 2013

Wheatear near Baily Lighthouse, Howth (Photo by Bill Quinn)

Meadow Pipit near Baily Lighthouse, Howth (Photo by Bill Quinn)

22 April 2013

Lucan: Eastern Jackdaw at Esker Cemetery, Lucan this evening.JG

Eastern Jackdaw (Photo by Joe Geraty)

21 April 2013

Broadmeadows & Kilcrea:  excellent views of the following . . . . Redshanks & Greenshanks, Mute Swans, Black-tailed & Bar-tailed Godwits, Oystercatchers, Willow Warblers & Chiffchaffs, Buzzard, Sparrowhawk, Peregrine, Red Kite (Red/Yellow 52), 2 Common Sandpipers, Cormorants, Little Grebes, Great Crested Grebes courtship display, Kingfisher pair, Turnstones, Brent geese.BC

Kingfisher (one of a pair) at Broadmeadows (Photo by Brian Carruthers)

Red Kite at Broadmeadows (Photo by Brian Carruthers)

Black-tailed Godwit in Summer plumage at Broadmeadows (Photo by Brian Carruthers)

Willow Warbler at Broadmeadows (Photo by Brian Carruthers)

Santry Woods:  6 Chiffchaffs plus male & female Blackcaps at Santry Woods today.BMcD

North Bull Island:  Wheatear & Meadow Pipit.BMcD

Chiffchaff at Santry Woods (Photo by Brian McDonnell)

Redshanks fighting at Broadmeadows estuary (Photo by Ita Martin)

Redshank holding opponent underwater - they both live to fight another day (Photo by Ita Martin)

20 April 2013

Turnstone in summer plumage at Bray Harbour (Photo by Cian Merne)

19 April 2013

Inchicore: A Kestrel high over Inchicore Road.AR

Lucan:  Red-breasted Flycatcher at Lucan Village this evening.JG

Kilbarrack:  9 Waxwings have been hanging around outside the Dennis Mahony Garage on the Kilbarrack Rd. for the last week.  6 Willow Warblers, 8 Chiffchaffs same location.EK

Waxwing at Kilbarrack Road (Photo by Edd Kealy)

Waxwing at Kilbarrack Road (Photo by Edd Kealy)

Male Linnet near to the Baily Lighthouse, Howth (Photo by Bill Quinn)

Wheatear near to the Baily Lighthouse, Howth (Photo by Bill Quinn)

A Little Egret displaying its plumes on the Bull Island (Photo by Ger Franck)

DID YOU KNOW?...It was the slaughter of millions of Egrets throughout Europe to satisfy the demands of 19th Century fashion that helped lead to the foundation in 1889 of The Society for the Protection of Birds. Fifteen years later the organization received a royal warrant and became The RSPB of today.GF

17 April 2013

Corkaigh Park, ClondalkinLarge numbers of Swallows approx 150 birds, good numbers of Sand Martins and a handful of House Martins. Good numbers of Willow Warblers and Chiffchaffs - no Blackcaps as yet!!  Swallows only arrived in the last couple of days.DdeB

Jay at Phoenix Park (Photo by Liam Kane)

15 April 2013

Phoenix Park: 6.45am took an early morning walk in looking for the Woodpecker with our mutt around Oldtown Wood, down through the Glen and around the rear of the OSI building. My first sighting was of a Jay harassing a Sparrowhawk through the woods. While walking across the 'Model Airfield' spotted a House Martin flying low. Walking through the Glen I had the usual fare, including 3 Little Grebes, 4 Treecreepers, 5 Chiffchaffs and at least 6 Swallows dipping in the Glen lake. With my last good sighting been a Jay pair at the rear of the OSI building. Sadly, not a sighting or drum note of the Woodpeckers.BC

14 April 2013

Bull Island:  1 Swallow and a Jack Snipe from the dunes at the causeway Bull Island.MH

Baldoyle:  2 Swallows over Baldoyle today.CM

Broadmeadows: a single Artic Tern with large number of Black-headed Gulls.  (said Gulls now departed from Blessington Basin) Plenty of Swallows and a few House Martins present.PV

13 April 2013

Bull Island: 1 Swallow, 1 House Martin, 7 Whimbrel - mudflats/salt marsh north of wooden causeway.BBG

12 April 2013

Phoenix Park:  A Buzzard over the grounds of Áras an Uachtaráin at 1pm.AR

Naul:  At last we had 2 Swallows at Naul today.JC

Red-breasted Merganser (m&f) at Clontarf (Photo by Dave MacPherson)

Grey Heron with lunch at Botanic Gardens (Photo by Harry Bailey)

9 April 2013

Bull Island:  7 Wheatears, 8 Red-breasted Mergansers, 1 Jack Snipe.EK

7 April 2013

An early morning trip around North Dublin Coastline:  9 Black Guillemots, 4 Guillemots, 5 Sandwich Terns, 6 Purple Sandpiper, 3 Gannets, and 3 Fulmer at Howth;    1 Peregrine over Ireland's Eye;   2 Eider Duck (pair) at Skerries;   2 Red Kite at Rivermeade Village, Nt.Co.Dublin.BC,SC & JFields

Eider Duck (f&m) at Skerries (Photo by Brian Carruthers)

Purple Sandpiper at Howth (Photo by Brian Carruthers)

Mandarin Duck (m & f) seen on the Dodder River near Miltown (Photo by James Cavanagh)

Dunnock in Sandycove garden (Photo by Eugene Dolan)

6 April 2013

Raheny:  I sighted a Buzzard in St Anne's Park, Raheny.  It was flying within a heavily wooded area.RF

5 April 2013

Blackcap (male) in Finglas garden (Photo by Brian Carruthers)

Blackcap (male) feeding on homemade bird cake in Finglas garden
Grey Heron at the Botanic Gardens (Photo by Eugene Dolan)

(Photo by Brian Carruthers)

4 April 2013

Castleknock:  2 Buzzards over Travelodge at Castleknock, at 17:15pm.AR

Black-tailed Godwits having a bit of an altercation Swords (Photos by Dave MacPherson)
Still fighting or...making up?

2 April 2013

Stonechat at Bull Island (Photo by Ger Franck)

Goldcrest at Rogerstown (Photo by Harry Bailey)

Fieldfare at Rogerstown (Photo by Harry Bailey)

Bullfinch at Rogerstown (Photo by Harry Bailey)

1 April 2013

Prepare for the summer visitors:  check out our ID tips page... Identifying Chiffchaff & Willow Warbler

Chiffchaff in Howth garden (Photos by Anthony Maher) 













Rogerstown South:  3 Red Kites, female Sparrowhawk with prey, a Kestrel, a Peregrine, ringtail Hen Harrier & 5/6 Buzzards.  Also a Buzzard on M50 at Ballymun exit.AR

BIRD STRIKE at Balbriggan (Photos by Phil Curtis)  - Sparrowhawk - v - Starling

Red Kite at Turvey (Photo by John Fields)

Buzzard at Turvey (Photo by John Fields)


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