16 October 2013
Baldoyle Estuary, Dublin Bay:  - Greenshank with rings - Right Leg BB and Left Leg GO.   Eoin McCumiskey

Follow up by the BTO for RL:BB//-LL:GO-Dublin Bay-16112013:

The bird was ringed at the Shelduck hide at Montrose Basin in 2008 NE Scotland Greenshank project 

Details of all reports sightings of this bird: 

  • BB-GO: 1-Aug-09 at Montrose Basin, NE Scotland NO6757 Ringed today. DB73993. Juvenile

  • BB-GO: 24-Aug-09 at Erskine Bank, Montrose Basin - Grant Balfour 

  • BB-GO: 16-Nov-10 at Baldoyle SPA, Fingal, REP. OF IRELAND 53.393999N,6.119933W - Tristan Folland 

  • BB-GO: 16-Nov-13 at Baldoyle Estuary, Dublin Bay, REP. OF IRELAND O 247 401 - Eoin McCumiskey

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